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What factors affect the price of neodymium magnets

Strong magnets, that is, strong magnets, are permanent magnets made by sintering neodymium, iron, boron and other elements. There are many items in ordinary life that will be useful to strong magnetism, such as: TWS Bluetooth headset, magnetic LED light, audio, etc. Then there are so many product applications useful to strong magnetism, then this price is also concerned by many friends.
What factors affect the price of strong magnetism?
1. Brand: The brand determines the magnetic field strength of strong magnetism, the higher the brand, the stronger the magnetic force; Of course, the higher the price.
2. Size: The larger the size here, the more expensive the price will definitely be, because the more material will be used.
3. Shape: the shape determines the processing cost of our strong magnetic manufacturers, the more complex the shape, the higher the processing cost; Of course, the same goes for tolerances.
4. Quantity: the smaller the quantity produced, the higher the processing cost; The price of 10 and 1W will definitely be different.
5. Other reasons: plating, magnetization direction; In this regard, the process of plating is not the same, and the price will have a certain deviation, such as gold plating and nickel plating; Magnetization refers to the magnetization process, multi-stage magnetization and conventional magnetization, which will be different.
Recently, due to the fluctuation of raw material prices, strong magnetic price fluctuations also fluctuate with the price of raw materials, and the cost of raw materials is also one of the reasons affecting strong magnetism.

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