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How long does neodymium magnet suction last?

¡¡NdFeB strong magnet as its name, the main manufacturing components are neodymium, iron, boron three materials, of course, there will be other element materials, after all, different products are different ingredients, and the size of the magnetic force is generated by the ratio of these key materials.
Therefore, if it is a professional magnet manufacturer, in the process of communicating with customers, it is necessary to provide products with appropriate magnetic force (suction size) according to the actual use requirements put forward by customers to ensure the normal use of the product.
Similarly, the suction of NdFeB strong magnets is also limited by many external conditions, such as the occasion of use, temperature, humidity and other factors will continuously lose the suction of strong magnets for a long time. The installation method is also a very important factor.
For example, a strong magnet of the same size, because of different grades, has a different adsorption capacity for the same attracted object. In addition, it is still the same size magnet, we also use the same brand, but the front suction and side adsorption of the same object We actually tested the size of the suction is not the same, and furthermore, the vertical installation vertical adsorption and horizontal installation horizontal adsorption size is different.
Therefore, if you want to understand and buy the right strong magnet products, you still need to go to a regular factory to buy, so as to ensure the stability of the material and the correct suction size reference.
For the magnetic performance of strong magnets, the industry has also done many years of discussion, because the use of strong magnet products in a very wide variety of environments, under normal circumstances, the suction of strong magnets is not affected by the outside world, so it is called permanent magnets,
However, for the use of special envoys, such as salt spray resistance and corrosion resistance, the strong magnet itself will produce very large external damage, so the magnetic force will definitely be affected, and the magnetic performance will inevitably produce losses over time.
Therefore, in a special environment, it is necessary to choose raw material products suitable for special environments and suitable plating protection, so as to ensure the permanent suction of magnet products.

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