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How are round NdFeB magnets made?

As we all know, magnets come in various shapes, including square, round, bar, ring, tile, etc. Inside, the most common is disc-shaped, disc-shaped NdFeB magnet how is it made?
We are shipping a batch of disc-shaped NdFeB magnets, and the production method of disc-shaped magnets is to process by cutting the cylindrical material into thin sheets, which can be processed according to the diameter and thickness of the customer.
If you have studied NdFeB magnets, you will find that disc magnets have a strong attraction on large, round surfaces. What the hell is going on here? In fact, this is determined according to the magnetization direction of the magnet. Usually disc-shaped NdFeB magnets are axially magnetized, and radial magnetization accounts for the majority. The strong attraction of the large disc-shaped surface just mentioned is axial, that is, the magnetization strength along the thickness direction. There is also multipolar magnetization.
In addition, the surface of NdFeB magnet has a metallic luster, how is it made? By electroplating, colors can be plated according to the specific requirements of customers, such as copper, chromium, gold, black zinc, blue and white zinc, and epoxy resin. The surface plating is different, the color is also different, and the storage time is also different. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

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