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How to pack the neodymium magnet to make sure it suitable for transportation

Permanent magnet materials must be packed with foam boxes, magnetic armature and bubble bags for shielding, so as to meet the requirements of air and sea transportation. (Mainly use foam plate and magnetic separator, and usually use an eight hole foam box specially used for exporting). If the magnetism is not strong, to lower the cost, use bubble bags to pack it, as it is not easy to leak magnetism.
Here are several suggestions to pack the magnets
1. Use of packaging materials. The magnets are wrapped by high permeability materials, so that most of the magnetic lines generated by the magnets pass through the high permeability materials, which can shield the magnets! In order to make the shielding effect good, generally use iron sheet!
2. Iron has the function of shielding magnetic field. The best way is to use iron boxes to hold large magnets, so that the magnetic force will be reduced a lot.
3. The iron boxes are packed with bubble pads outside.
4. Packed the cartons as a whole, with bubble cotton sandwiched in the middle, and made into shielding board.
5. The more effective way is to use combined shielding, put one shielding body in another shielding body, and leave an air gap between them. The air gap can be filled with any non-permeability material for support, such as aluminum. The shielding effectiveness of the combined shield is much higher than that of the single shield, so the combined shield can attenuate the magnetic field to a very low degree.
6. After the standard packaging of magnetic products, use the magnetometer probe to test on several sides of the carton. If there is no obvious magnetic force, it means that the packaging is complete and the goods can be shipped out.

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