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The developing trend of rare earth permanent magnet motor

China's rich in rare earth natural resources and have the top reserves of rare earth mine in the world. Also the scientific research on rare-earth permanent magnetic materials and rare earth permanent magnet motor has reached the international advanced level.To full play the advantage of our rich rare earth resource and give more energy in reseach and the promotion of the rare earth permanent magnet motor represented various of permanent motors is of great signficance for speeding up the realization of china entered the well-off society. Rare-earth permanent magnet motor is developing in the direction of high-power (high-speed, high- torque), high-function and micro-size, of the prospect is very optimistic due to the continued expansion of the new varieties and the new application.In order to meet the needs, constant innovation of the rare earth permanent magnet motor's design and manufacturing process is required, and then the electromagnetic structure will be more complicated ,the calculation will be more accurate and also the more advanced manufacturing process.To solve above complex issues, we have to use multi-theory and systems engineering to optimize the design and improve the cost performance,so as to promote the further development of the study and industry of electrical motor.

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