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The application of the permanent magnet in the fuel economizer

In recent years, with the development of the global economy, some kinds of nonrenewable resources, such as the petroleum and coal are decreasing with the complete consumption. At this time, the magnetic fuel economizer has the prospect as one low-carbon product.

Currently, most of fuel economizers are made from the permanent magnet. The function of magnetic fuel economizer is processing the fuel with multipole magnetization.

The fuel is composed of lots kinds of the hydrocarbon in different molecular weight. These molecules can get together easily and become the anchoring groups in the effect of the electrostatic force among the molecules. This will cause the uncomplete combustion.

If we install the fuel economizer in the oil pipe, the situation will be changed: when the fuel pass through the pipe, the oil molecules can induce the magnetic field, and the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) happen. NMR destory the electrostatic force, the average distance among the molecules increase. The magnetic field ionize fuel and change it from liquid state to gaseous state so as to make it fully mixed with air, the combustion can be complete.

Our testing result shows that this useful function of fuel economizer can save 8%~12% fuel usage, improve the fuel efficiency and reducing polluting emissions. Ití»s good for the environmental protecting, improvement of the atmospheric environment, the health of human beings.

By we estimate, the output of cars in China will reach 150 million in the end of 2010. The market prospect of the magnetic fuel economizers is promising!

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