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The Problems and Opportunities in the development of Chinese sensor industry

The report for "2014-2018 Chinese sensor industry forecasting and investment strategy research " shows that, Although Chinese sensor industry develops rapidly, there also have some unfavorable factors. For example, the technology of industrial base is weak, technology and production is out of line, low technical level, lack of product variety, product R & D capability is weak. But on the other hand, the government continue to formulate strategies and policies beneficial to the development of the sensor industry, the rapid development of the whole system market throughout the year, and continue to promote new technologies, these are also become positive factors for sensor development. Currently, there are about 40 countries engaged in the R & D and production of sensor in the world, there are 5,000 enterprises to produce them with more than 20,000 kind of sensor product. There are 1688 domestic enterprises engaged in the development, production and application of the sensor, more than 50 enterprises which engaged in MEMS development and production, but the scale and application areas are small. In the international market, Germany, Japan, the United States, Russia and other old industrial countries, enterprises dominate sensor market, many manufacturers have realized the scale of production, and some of them has the annual production capacity with tens of millions or even hundreds of millions. In contrast, the scope of application of Chinese sensor is narrower, more applications still stay on the basis of industrial measurement and control. Depends on this, the Chinese sensor market is extremely competitive.

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